More than gemstones. The Flouro Collection exploits color to create statement earrings that really stand out. Characterised by a super long drop and neon glow, the collection is made of recycled silver with resin and acrylic color accents.  

Floating Squares

The Floating Squares Collection uses simple processes to create a glamorous look from sustainable materials.  Silver is melted and milled to thin sheet and hand made into earrings. The silver is accented with ethically sourced diamonds or warm gold plating for maximum luxury.


Floral captures the magical beauty of nature and the wonder of growth. The budding twigs encapsulate a moment of new life, and the rings become a metaphor of blossoming love. Necklaces and earrings complete the collection, your perfect bridal wear. 
Recycled metals and ethically sourced brown and grey diamonds means the collection is sustainably produced.