Floating Squares No2 Silver Earrings with Long Drop

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Featherlight sterling silver embossed with a subtle matte texture and lightly polished at the edge for a gentle twinkle. 

Federleicht 925er-Silber ist mit einer subtilen Textur geprägt. Die Pailletten Kante sind sanft poliert für ein glitzernde Effekt. Für mühelose Erlesenheit jeden Tag. 


Hand made in Berlin
Sterling silver 925
For pierced ears
Free delivery in Germany
Delivery in 3-5 working days

Handgemacht in Berlin
925er Silber
Ohrlöcher erforderlich
Gratis Lieferung innerhalb Deutschland 
Lieferzeit 3-5 Tage je nach Versandart

Dimensions / Maße

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Product Details

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The Floating Squares Collection uses simple processes to create a glamorous look from sustainable materials.  Recycled silver is melted and thinly milled to a lightweight sheet and imprinted with a subtle matte texture.  Hand cut and shaped, the components are burnished at the edges giving a gentle sparkle.  Silver is accented with ethically sourced diamonds or warm gold plating for maximum luxury. 

Production Notes / Besonderheiten

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Every pair is a unique item, the method of production lends tiny variations to the imprinted sheet. The earrings are cut and assembled by hand and the material is directly recycled from scraps from the goldsmithing processes.