Floral Engagement Ring 'Bud No.2' 750 Yellow or Rose Gold with Natural Diamonds

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A flowing ring with overlapping ends into which two natural brown diamonds are set. 


Hand made in Berlin
Yellow or Rose Gold 750
Free delivery in Germany
Delivery in 1-2 weeks  

Dimensions / Maße

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Product Details

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Floral captures the magical beauty of nature and the wonder of growth. The budding twigs encapsulate a moment of new life, and the rings become a metaphor of blossoming love. Necklaces and earrings complete the collection, your perfect bridal wear. 
Recycled metals and ethically sourced brown and grey diamonds means the collection is sustainably produced. 

Production Notes / Besonderheiten

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The Floral Collection uses recycled metals and diamonds which are reclaimed or natural but less prized brown or grey colours. These are naturally beautiful gems which are conflict free.